Aquila Beams Up $2M for Lightway Sentry

Aquila raises $2M to commercialise the world's first optical power-beaming product — Lightway Sentry.
June 27, 2024
Billy Jeremijenko

We're excited to announce that Aquila has secured an additional A$2 million in funding, led by Alua Group, with continued support from Blackbird and Icehouse. This follow-on investment, coming just a year after our initial A$3 million seed round, propels us closer to beaming up our first product — Lightway Sentry — a wireless energy product that uses optical power beaming to charge drones in mid-air, enabling them to fly indefinitely.

Aquila’s Vision: Powering the Future

At Aquila, our mission is to create a dynamic, light-based energy network to enhance and expand our current energy distribution capabilities. We aim to address the significant limitations of traditional pole and line distribution methods with a rapidly deployable and reconfigurable, infinitely scalable light-based energy network.

Our Journey So Far

Since the start, we've been driven by the vision of a globe-spanning energy network, powered by thousands of optical relay satellites directing gigawatts of power worldwide. Our initial A$3 million seed funding enabled us to lay the groundwork for this ambitious project. With the additional A$2 million raised, we are now well placed to accelerate the development of Lightway Sentry, bringing us one step closer to our long-term vision.

Supercharging Drone Technology

Our focus on small drone operations has been strategic, allowing us to gather crucial data and prove our technology's efficacy. By providing continuous power to drones in-flight, we unlock infinite possibilities for site monitoring, electric mobility, transportation of vital supplies, and much more. Our successful trials have demonstrated that our technology can supercharge unmanned aerial operations, making long-range, wireless power transfer a reality.

Partnerships and Future Plans

We are proud to have partners like Quickstep and Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) who share our enthusiasm for innovation. Our collaboration with the Latrobe City Council is instrumental in positioning Latrobe City as a hub for new energy industries and advanced manufacturing. Together, we are breaking barriers and redefining possibilities, driven by our shared vision of a sustainable future.

Building the Future: Join Us

As we continue to make strides in wireless energy technology, we are building an ecosystem of electric vehicle builders, integrators, energy providers, and transmission operators to accelerate the electrification transformation. We are also actively seeking exceptional talent worldwide — individuals who are passionate about driving forward our mission and making a tangible impact on the future of energy distribution.

Looking Ahead: The Internet of Energy

Our steps are measured and our mission is endless. With each step, we're creating a world where energy is as ubiquitous and accessible as the internet. If our mission resonates with you, or if you believe you can contribute to our vision, please connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us your details on our website. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future.

Thank You

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far. We look forward to sharing more milestones with you in the future. Together, we are creating a new energy.

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