Future uses

We’re working with innovators to put this transformative technology to good use.

The world needs a new energy system 

It’s no secret the world has an energy problem. We’re facing increasing populations, climate challenges, fossil fuel emissions and millions still without electricity. But the thing is: There’s enough power out there. The problem is distribution – fixed pole-and-line networks that take too much time, land and money to build and maintain.

Technology offers a turning point

An opportunity to create a wireless network of light that can beam power through space to anywhere on Earth.

We’ve come a long way since electricity was invented. Now, the time has come for this technology to propel us forward to a clean, safe and abundant future.

How we’ll get there

We’re starting with initial applications proving that photonics technology can charge moving objects safely and effectively.

Then we’ll scale it up and out, working with innovators who see the potential of wireless energy to transform their sectors.

Ultimately, we’re planning to build and operate an energy network of light with no wires and no limits.
If you’d like to help make it happen, please
get in touch.

Let’s accelerate the transition to renewables

Energy grids are holding renewables back. Distribution networks can’t be built fast enough in enough places. 

That’s why we want to build a wireless energy network of light, transmitting renewable energy anywhere it’s needed – accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Let’s remove battery and electricity restrictions holding you back.


  • Remove the constraints of fixed energy grids
  • Accelerate renewables
  • Solve energy crises


  • Unlock efficiencies beyond expectations
  • Minimise environmental footprint
  • Supercharge safety 


  • Access reliable, clean energy
  • Enjoy safer coastlines and remote areas
  • Live in a healthier, greener world

What could you do with wireless energy?

Come on,
let’s soar.