Aquila Lightway: A Leap into the Future

Aquila Lightway achieves groundbreaking milestone for wireless drone flight.
January 25, 2024
Billy Jeremijenko

At Aquila, we're not just thinking about the future; we're actively building it. Last week marked a monumental step forward for our team, and we're thrilled to share the details with our valued community.

Breaking Limits at Latrobe Airport

Latrobe Regional Airport recently became a witness to technological history, as our innovative Lightway technology made its debut. This trial, a critical component of our mission to make energy as accessible as the internet, showcased our groundbreaking wireless energy charging technology. The drone, charged wirelessly from various distances, signifies a leap forward in unmanned aerial technology.

Aquila's drone trials demonstrated long-range wireless power transfer

Merging Science and Technology

Our approach is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful. We harness light beams and special solar cells to safely charge drones while airborne. Our technology, built and refined by our team, has now surpassed previous records by charging drones at a distance of 50 meters.

No Wires, No Limits

At Aquila, our ambition is to create a clean energy network characterised by its boundless potential. Our recent trial at the aircraft hangar proved not just the feasibility but the effectiveness and safety of our technology. We envision an era where energy networks of light power clean, accessible energy infrastructure.

Latrobe Regional Airport is hosting trials to become an aerospace hub.

Going Beyond Drones

Our wireless energy technology is poised to revolutionise sectors far beyond drones. From asset management to search and rescue, from coastal surveillance to transport, the applications are limitless. We're starting with regional Australia, envisioning a future where wireless charging networks transform the transportation of goods and supplies.

Partnering with the Future

Latrobe City Council shares our enthusiasm for innovation. Their efforts to position Latrobe City as a hub for new energy industries and advanced manufacturing are fantastic and a huge enabler for companies like us. The focus on drone technology for freight within the AAM landscape opens up exciting possibilities for economic growth and sustainable development.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to break barriers and redefine possibilities, we remain grounded in our mission. Our steps are measured, but our vision is vast. With each advancement, we move closer to a world where energy is as ubiquitous and accessible as mobile data — a true 'internet of energy.'

We thank everyone who has joined us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more milestones with you in the future. Together, we're not just imagining a new world; we're creating it.

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